Paca Poo

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The best $hit in town!

The approximate N-P-K value for alpaca manure is 1.7 – 0.69 – 1.2

Paca poo is often regarded as the best manure fertilizer of any kind - even better than guano (bat manure). Because paca poo is lower in organic matter than most all other livestock manures (like cow, horse, goats and sheep), it can be taken from pasture to garden without aging or curing. Paca poo also has a higher concentration of nutrients which improves soil texture and water retaining capacity.

We use paca poo exclusively in our homestead garden to grow our veggies as well as the dye plants that we use to color our fibers and yarns.

In the fall, we till up the beds and lay a healthy serving deep into the soil. Over the winter, it feeds the dirt. As crops grow over the season, their roots enjoy a nice feast when they hit this nutrient dense soil just when they need it the most! When also lay a nice layer of paca poo on the soil surface when we initially transplant seedlings. It acts as a time-release fertilizer imparting nutrients with each watering or shower. You really can't go wrong with paca poo!

This listing is approximately 2lbs of semi-dried alpaca beans. You can use it similar to how we do - or you can make a super concentrated 'tea'. Simply rehydrate the beans in an old milk jug (or other sealable plastic container). Fill with hot water, set it in a sunny spot for several days or weeks (or until it is nice and dark - don't worry - it doesn't smell nearly as bad as most manures). We usually dilute this concentrate at 2:1 parts and spray liberally over soil and plants. Don't discard the used tea beans either - make another tea and/or till it into the garden.

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