Farm Visits

We get lots of inquiries about opportunities to visit the farm to meet the herd.  While we can appreciate the enthusiasm and interest, because we also enjoy hanging with the alpaca, we are a working farm.  And we mean that in an extreme sense!

In addition to the farm, we have off-farm employment in Walla Walla, including military service in the Washington Army National Guard in Tacoma.  This means we keep odd hours and are hard to catch, with one of us driving over the mountains each month!  When we are here, we're tending to the alpaca and the cutting gardens...and doing all the million other things you do when bootstrapping a small farm business.

It is for these reasons that we are currently unable to accommodate individual farm visits and tours. During the season (June through September), we are occasionally able to reserve guided tours for large groups of 10 or more.

However, we do offer one open-to-the-public day each year.  Join us Saturday, June 21, 2020 for our 6th Annual Open Barn.  Check our farm Facebook page for admission information and hours.