About the Herd

We started our herd with 3 females in the spring of 2014.  As we often say, alpaca are a lot like potato chips, you can't just have a couple...

Three became 6 ... which became 12 and before we knew it ... the herd swelled to over 20.  As of March 2018, we have approximately 31 alpaca on the homestead.

Our herd grew in part to selective breeding, and in large part to our participation in the Seed Stock Suri's Host Farm program.  This program is a cutting edge, progressive approach to breeding suris and propagating the next generation of alpaca ranchers.  As a Host Farm, we raise a number of their premiere breeding males and females alongside our own herd.  We care for the seed stock crop as if they are our own.  In exchange for providing husbandry and all care, we reap the bounty of their fiber crop.  But most importantly, we receive expert guidance and mentorship from seasoned alpaca farmers. 

With Seed Stock Suris encouragement and mentorship, we are building our herd based on scientific fiber data and an eye for improving the North American suri herd as a whole. 

Want to see the herd?  Hop over to our Instagram feed.

Want to meet them in person?  We are transitioning from individually scheduled farm visits to monthly farm visits from June through September.  Check out our facebook page 'events' for details, dates and prices.  

Join us for our 4th Annual Open Barn on Saturday, June 16, 2018.  $2/person over the age of 2.  Check our Facebook page for more details.